RISING IN LOVE- An inspirational autobiography of faith and devotion. Not only did I ride the crazy and humorous journey of Ram Das’ raw and candid spiritual quest to the “here and now” but I went through my own self-discovery and spiritual evolution whilst reading this book. It triggered my own weaknesses and strengths discovering self-truths and “Self” TRUTHS! It inspired me to rediscover my ever growing faith, love and devotion for our beloved Amma and motivated me to become a better person. Through Amma’s Grace, Love and Divine energy, thank you Ram Das.


~ Emma Woods

A big "WOW"! This is a ride of a book! I thoroughly enjoyed being taken with you along your spiritual journey - with all its highs and lows. Might I add I could relate to some of your earlier life experiences - which made it even more engaging and most definitely funny to see myself through you! This is an honest portrayal of a modern Westerner's serious search for enlightenment with lessons learned along the way. Thank you!


~ Sundari

Ram Das charts a profound journey of awakening, self-realisation and devotion. And the relief is, the reading is both light and funny! Sometimes hilarious. He writes with an openness and honesty that enfolds all the contradictions of ego, ignorance, recklessness and desire (not to mention lust) on his path towards being fully realised.  What this book has done for me is to bring me closer to Amma's earthly heart whilst taking me beyond the mirage of her human form. Thank you Ram Das!


~  Carmen Harris, healer, TV scriptwriter and author of “Shit Happens, Magic Follows (Allow It!)”

This book was an excellent read for me and came at exactly the right time when I needed it most. My experiences are so much in common with that which is expressed here. It is so refreshing to know that there are other seekers like me who are normal, down to earth folks, with desires and everyday problems. I was so comforted to know that I'm not some weirdo. That although I am "spiritual" I don't need to be super perfect and squeaky clean. It's good to know there are similar people like me on the path to Realization. This book is filled with great spiritual teachings that helped me ease so much of my doubts and made me understand my path more clearly.


~ Sam Artman

The title says it all, certainly a wild and crazy ride for us also to read about Ram Das´s amazing journey to the here and now. I, for one, could not put it down! As the story of Ram Das unravels we join him on his very bumpy journey along the spiritual path. Ram Das offers us many insights into the profound spiritual teachings within the context of his life experience. He is an extraordinary story teller and I give thanks to him for having the courage to share his story with such honesty and humor.


~ Belinda (Devika)

What a fun, crazy and honest journey to the Self 'Rising in Love' was to read. I loved Ram Das Batchelder's descriptive and at times, lovingly self deprecating account of his personal transformation. I could relate to his story in some ways and this book has helped me with my own transformation. Spending a few months recently with Amma, at times I thought I was going mad, but 'Rising in Love' assisted bridging the deep spiritual movement inside with living an ordinary family life with love and devotion.


~ Daniel

Rising in Love is a fantastic book about one man's exploration of spirituality. It is told with humor and compassion. I highly recommend it.


~ Meta Doherty, author

I immensely enjoyed this book! I started to read it reluctantly - I have had too many spiritual books in my life, and not enough practical application. But because his story resonated with my own experience growing up, I could hardly put the book down. Ram Das writes skillfully, and from the heart - and without moral preaching or teaching (a great relief, that)  - and his story elaborates on what it is like growing up in the USA with spiritual propensities towards meditation and home-grown spiritual practices that don't quite fit into the religious norms. I often found myself thinking, "Gee, I could have written this about myself, but I could never quite find the words.” It's helped me understand and accept my own past better.  Thank you, Ram Das!


~ Steve

This book is so precious!

It helped me to re-connect with fleeting time,

and feel my inner most sparkling core again.


~ Mona Eckhardt

A beautifully  written account of the author's search for spirituality, healing and enlightenment. While looking to Amma for everlasting love and guidance, Ram finds his own truth, which ultimately leads to our truth. This is indeed a message of deep spiritual love and devotion.


~  Alicia Garey, Author of “What a Blip: A Breast Cancer Journal of Survival and Finding the Wisdom”

What a heartwarming and candid story Rising in Love is! I loved the story of a young boy seeking his spiritual path with many hurdles in the West and at last following his dream. I just couldn't put the book down!


~ Annelies Mulder

A very enjoyable, heartfelt, funny, honest, humble, extraordinary, personal story about an American man's spiritual journey. Evolving through stages of grandiosity, humility, and pure experience, lovingly guided by Amma, and including the gift of a wife. Writer's style is naturally humorous and sweet, sharing openly and generously with the reader. Please enjoy.


~Emily Thomas

This book is so precious!

It helped me to re-connect with fleeting time,

and feel my inner most sparkling core again.


~ Mona Eckhardt

The author writes an incredible "naked truth" expose. I was stunned at his blatantly honest sharing of his early experiences, which led up to manifesting a Living Goddess / Divine Teacher for himself. His journey will resonate with many from the 60's generation, yet he lived to create something far greater than his wildest imaginings. This is a great read! I have to read it again more slowly, I inhaled it!


~Gloria Yates (Kalavati)

A stellar life in service to Amma and Self-realization, a supernova actually, and an amazing introduction to Amma’s Amritapuri ashram


~ Chris Quimby

What a lovely sharing of a life this is from Ram Das Batchelder; a joyful read and magical journey of adventure in a time when many have stopped believing in miracles.


~ David Brown, film star

I highly recommend this most inspirational book!


~ Deborah Lloyd, author of “Believe and it is True!”

Funny, accessible, inspiring and honest, Ram Das’s "Rising in Love" is everything a great memoir should be.


~ Nicole Hunt

Ram Das Batchelder has a sense of humour like no other. He is witty, the book is well written and just a joy! This is also Amma's story , and by seeing the Saint through the author’s eyes and how she teaches him lessons along the way, we see her great wisdom, inner light and brilliant sense of humour. In a weird twist, I felt darshan from the saint as I read this book. Something shines through it. I am better for having read it.


~ Colette Brown, author of “How to Read and Egg” and other titles

As a firmly established guy-who-likes-to-read, I can highly recommend

“Rising in Love” to any seeker, or anyone who is even curious about

God or Eastern spirituality. Ram Das writes beautifully, insightfully

and humorously about his experiences on the path in such a way that

even this stick-in-the-mud skeptic could stay interested! Enjoy!


~ John Milam, author of “The Story of John”

A wonderful, outrageous, bold spiritual autobiography. One can feel

the presence of the guiding Divine Shakti on every page of Ram Das’



~ Alicia Torres, psychotherapist

Freakin' hilarious! Want a good laugh? Better read this one. I seriously stayed awake late nights reading as much as I could until I fell asleep. This is one of those, with a slightly twisted spiritual bend...at least in the beginning. Any hippies, yuppies, or spiritual seekers who consider themselves a liiiittle farrrr-out, will be able to identify with the author and his heightened experiences. His writing is expressive and detailed and takes the mind where you didn't think it could go! I needed a pick me up...thanks to the author.


~ Niki

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